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Four Boys and a NL Girl

Puffin in a Dory - Magnetic Needle Minder

Puffin in a Dory - Magnetic Needle Minder

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This cute Puffin went out for the day in his dory to have a look at ice bergs. It must be the Spring of the year in Newfoundland and Labrador!

Using two rare earth magnets on the back, this 1.5" X 2" soft enamel needle minder is a great tool for cross stitchers, embroiderers, knitters, crocheters, rug hookers or anyone who does not want to lose their needles, hook or scissors in the couch!

Designed right here in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

*NOTE: Due to the cost of manufacturing rising for these types of needle minders/soft enamel pin fronts, I have also had to increase the price of newer needle minders. The Puffin in a Dory Needle Minders will remain the same price until current stock runs out. Re-prints will result in a higher cost to customers at that time so get these now while you can at what is soon to become a 'reduced' price!

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